Carving a Path Towards Future with SAS Advanced Analytics Professional Certification

SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional

Analytical expertise is in high demand. Distinguish yourself by making world-class certification in big data, advanced analytics, and data science from SAS, the leader in advanced big SAS Advanced Analytics Professional. And become the go-to specialist who not only talks data science but does it.

Expand your analytical skillset. Make yourself more commercial and become a more-valued asset by learning the latest advanced analytics techniques for answering critical business challenges across every domain.

The SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional program offered by the SAS Academy for Data Science will broaden your knowledge, develop your analytics skills, and increase your horizons.

Is the SAS Advanced Analytics Professional Certification Right for Me?

The advanced analytics certification program is for those who need to expand their advanced analytics knowledge and skills. A strong background in applied mathematics is required.

A master’s degree or higher in a quantitative or technical field is suggested, but not needed.


To register in the SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional program, you require at least six months of programming experience in SAS or different programming language and a minimum of six months of experience applying mathematics and statistics in a business environment.

Furthermore, it is suggested that you know SQL, Macro, Advanced Programming, and Statistics.

It would be beneficial to attend the courses listed below before joining this program:

  • SAS Base Programming: Fast Track
  • SAS Advanced Programming: Fast Track
  • Statistics 1: Start to ANOVA, Regression, and Logistic Regression

Please reach your local SAS Education Office for related offerings in the local language.

What You Will Learn in SAS Advanced Analytics Certification?

In the advanced analytics certification program, you will learn how to create and deploy models built in SAS and available source technologies, then deploy those models at scale using the flexible, healthy SAS environment.

The program concentrates on these areas:

  • Machine learning and predictive modeling techniques.
  • You are applying machine learning and predictive modeling techniques to distribute and in-memory big data sets.
  • Pattern detection.
  • Experimentation in business.
  • Optimization techniques.
  • Time series forecasting.
  • Essential communication skills.

Curriculum for SAS Advanced Analytics Certification

The advanced analytics certification curriculum covers the following courses:

  • Applied Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Miner
  • Neural Network Modeling
  • Communicating Technical Decisions with a Nontechnical Audience
  • Predictive Modeling Using Logistic Regression
  • Text Analytics Using SAS Text Miner
  • Data Mining Techniques: Predictive Analytics on Big Data
  • Optimization Concepts for Data Science
  • Time Series Modeling Essentials
  • Experimentation in Data Science
  • Using SAS to Put Open Source Models into Production
How to Prepare for A00-225 exam on SAS Advanced Analytics Professional Certification?

In the advanced analytics certification program, you will get to use the following SAS software:

  • SAS Enterprise Miner
  • SAS Studio
  • SAS/OR
  • SAS Text Miner
  • SAS High-Performance Data Mining
  • SAS Visual Statistics
  • SAS In-Memory Statistics (PROC IMSTAT)
  • SAS tools for integrating with open source

Why Do You Need an SAS Advanced Analytics Professional Certification?

1. Raises Your Chances to Land Highly Coveted Roles

Put, certification can increase your likelihood of getting hired. In a study from Microsoft, 91 percent of hiring managers maintained that certification played a significant role in the candidate selection process.

It is not easy to earn a respected SAS Advanced Analytics Professional certification, and there are many productive opportunities for those who are certified in the area. Your resume will certainly stand out from the rest when you have the proper certification. Therefore, this provides employers another reason to invest in you.

2. Makes You Eligible across Various Domains

Healthcare, E-commerce, marketplaces, finance, entertainment, and retail are just some of the industries all leveraging the power of SAS Advanced Analytics Professional today. Correctly, countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, and India have been hiring data scientists and data analysts at a constant pace.

A SAS Advanced Analytics Professional certification can make you eligible for a variety of related job roles, such as solution architect, data scientist, business intelligence professional, project manager, and statistician.

The skillsets acquired in one industry or country usually are easily transferable to another industry or country. Hence, one is not tied to a distinct sector and can explore opportunities in another division in the future.

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3. Shows Your Degree of Passion

A certification on your resume will show implied employers and professional companions that you are an individual who knows your career severely. Most hiring managers are looking for applicants who are driven and genuine about their job goals.

Any self-motivated individual who is intent on a SAS Advanced Analytics Professional career would have at least one certification of international attention in his or her store.

Another positive benefit of enrolling in an online certification program is the chance to work hands-on with real projects, which is one feature that offers through their SAS Advanced Analytics Professional Certification practice exams.

4. Defines Your Credibility

A certification is a validation of your skills. When organizations are contemplating to hire a data analyst, the first choice is often for those candidates who have professional training from an authorized institute. Gaining a professional certification in SAS Advanced Analytics Professional is proof of high standards of education.

5. Keeps You Updated with the Latest Industry Trends

Earning a SAS Advanced Analytics Professional certification will aid you to stay updated on the latest aims in the industry. Learning something new day is the key to extend your knowledge base. If you are a working professional, you would not have time to learn these things from multiple sources.

As such, it is best to enroll in an education program that gives you professional certification. This will even give you an asset to your employer in the future.


The benefits of hiring SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professionals certainly go beyond just having the right person on the job. Certified employees advance the credentials of an organization and improve customer confidence.

How to Prepare for SAS Advanced Analytics Professional (A00-226) Certification Exam?

It is clear that the benefits of hiring SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professionals spread beyond the internal requirements of the organization and extend to the perception of it by external stakeholders.

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