Tips You Should Follow to Prepare for SAS Big Data Professional Certification

SAS Big Data Professional

Show your ability to use the tools and technology designed to handle big data. The SAS Certified Big Data Professional program delivers the extra edge you are looking for.

This is a level 1 course, and it will help you to prepare for two exams.

  1. A00-220: SAS Big Data Preparation, Statistics, and Visual Exploration Certification Exam
  2. A00-221: SAS Big Data Programming and Loading Certification Exam

This is a level 1 course to become SAS Certified Data Scientist; after this course, you can go for level 2 classes that are Advance Analytics Professional or AI and Machine Learning Professional.

If you clear both courses, then only you will convert a SAS Certified Data Scientist.


To enroll in the SAS Certified Big Data Professional program, you need at least six months of programming experience in SAS or another programming language. Furthermore, it is recommended that you know SQL, Macro, and Advanced Programming.

It would be advantageous to attend the courses listed below before joining this program:

  • SAS Base Programming: Fast Track
  • SAS Advanced Programming: Fast Track

Before entering level 1, students must either complete the SAS Programming 1: Essentials course or have equivalent knowledge in SAS or another programming language.

What You Will Learn in Big Data Professional Exam?

The SAS academy’s big data certification program focuses on these areas:

  • Improving data quality for reporting and analytics.
  • Fundamentals of statistics and analytics.
  • Working with Hadoop, Hive, Pig, and SAS.
  • Exploring and visualizing data.

Guide to Prepare for the SAS Big Data Professional Exam

We all understand that preparation is the key to success, and if you follow it by heart, you will inevitably face success. It is essential to be prepared with this exam, and only proper preparation will help you to gain good results. The topics you require to cover here and the ways to write answers and how to meet assignments-all are given here.

Latest Study Guide | SAS Big Data Professional (A00-220) Certification

1. Going Through SAS Official Resources

Apart from SAS Certification Questions and Answers, the SAS provides an infinite number of resources that will help in the preparation of SAS Big Data Certification. It is expected of you to visit the official resources onetime before you move onto others.

2. Sample Questions

The whole system of SAS is aimed to train you thoroughly for the exam certification, and so it allows you a set of ten to twenty sample questions. Through this SAS A00-220 and SAS A00-221 Practice Test Questions, you will be able to know what type of question you will get in the exam. There are a fewer number of questions, though. Still, it is recommended for you to have a proper look over these to have an idea.

3. Practical Experience

A possible real-life experience is the best one you can have. In SAS Certification Practice exams, there are a lot of questions that are related to practical life.

Thus, it is needed for you to have real-life knowledge. It is recommended for you to tie up with SAS and have their free tier account. You will quickly have access to all these services for over a year without even bearing any cost.

4. Read Proper Recommended Books

Books are the best friends when speaking of exams. The more thoroughly you read the book, the more confident you become while preparing for exams.

5. SAS Big Data Professional Practise Tests

The more you get practical knowledge, the more it is best for you. There is an infinite number of SAS Certification exam questions free online. To crack the exam, it is suggested for you to know A00-220 and A00-221 Exams Crack by having these tests done from the best providers.

A real-life experience of how the questions will be will help you in additional reading. There are also free tests, but it is suggested for you to take up the paid versions since they are equipped with an excellent explanation with answers.

Skills You Must Hold to Being Big Data Professional

While the big data industry is growing to become a key to everything today, the demand for well-qualified professionals is growing. If you require to get your hands on big data jobs for fresher, get one level up with these skills.

Latest |SAS Big Data Professional A00-221 |Preparation Tips

The industry pays the big data experts well, and it has become a fulfilling career today. So if you need to crack the dream job in this industry, the following vital tips may aid you big time.

An Open and Curious Mind:

Being curious can help you find the right patterns in the vast data sets. A curious mind can apply the correct logic to understand these patterns to reach conclusions. This is the skill needed for data analytics professionals.

Carry a Strong Skillset:

There is no better way of getting the job than to become an expert in the field. Understanding the databases and maintaining the skills of effective data management is a prerequisite.

Other essential skills are data mining and machine learning that is most widely used in the big data field. Lastly, the experience and interest in statistical and quantitative analysis can aid you much.

Carry a Hybrid Degree:

The fresher and college students wanting to go to data sciences shall try to get a mix.

A Certified Big Data Professional has proven knowledge of Big Data concepts and technologies and has further shown proficiency in fundamental areas of Big Data, including analysis, analytics, models, and practices. Depending on the exam format chosen, attaining the Big Data Professional Certification can require passing a single exam or multiple exams.

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Final Words

Although it is hard to crack this SAS exam, it is not impossible too. These days, without having a proper certification course will not lead you anywhere. This SAS exam is tough and wants you to have knowledge and experience earlier so that you can face more difficult situations in the exam and while training.

It is also said that you take direction from an expert who is knowledgeable and goes to this field of knowledge. It is better to be prepared beforehand than face a hard situation later. Sit for the exam only when you feel that you are confident enough.

Wishing you the very best of luck for the exams!!

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